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Taking freelance design jobs never started easy for me, where I need to start handling “weird” clients and “weird” designs together. I thought it would be helpful for me to share my thoughts and tips to some of you who are in the mid of wondering or working on freelance graphic design jobs.

1. Know what you can do
Understand what you can do before you step into freelancing. You would have to be good in what you do in order to be successful doing freelance. Working experience would be the base knowledge. Taking up some jobs from non-profit organization would be helpful in gaining experience on handling clients and design requirements.

2. Protect and save your portfolio
Present your visuals with water mark Jpeg. Always keep a copy of final artwork into your design portfolio.

3. Start from Part Time if Possible
As mention above, graphic design experience at your full time company may be your best base of knowledge. Why not start freelancing part time while having a full time job? Its the better choice where you can train your skills and enjoy the taste of some extras. Manage your time wisely.

4. Collect deposits or down payment
Collect deposits before you start the job. You will never know who you are dealing with. Deposit or down payment is the agreement to your terms and conditions. Let your client know the progress and charges incurred for the whole project.

5. Do not under value your work
You will find a lot of competitors out in the field. Of course if you are around the freelancing field you will know better where your value is. Never start your freelance graphic design business with under value pricing. It will be a big pain for you for your future business.

6. Set terms and condition 
Make sure that your client is clear on the terms and conditions, pricing and final delivery.

7. Professional Advise
Give your opinion to your client professionally. You may disagree to your client with a respectful manner and with professional reasons. Never argue.

8. Think on behalf of your clients
We often make the same mistakes whereby we assume what is best to our customers. Put yourself in the client situation and think on behalf of your clients, what and which the best suit is for you.

9. Stick to the timeline
Be punctual on submitting your artwork for client review or final artwork. Estimate the time with some extra before you propose to your client when you can revert the artwork for review.

10. Go specialize
Graphic design is a large field of work. It may contain logos or corporate identity, packaging, flyers and brochures, web graphics and so on. Do consider to go specialize.

11. Learn from criticisms
Critics are the best way to learn. Learn from criticisms and learn how to handle criticisms.

12. Improve your skills
Find ways to improve your design and skills. The best and easiest way is ask Mr. Google.

13. Get inspiration
Inspiration is what makes a designer worthwhile. Good designers finds inspirations easily and it “kicks”. Walk out from your studio or workplace, the best library for designers is shopping complex.

14. Go out and meet some people
People are your connections. Do not just stay in front of computer and wait for chances to come to you.

15. Out source
Hold tight to clients that comes back to look for your service. If you are too busy to take up the job, try to outsource to someone reliable to finish the job.

16. Do not offer too much choice
It is good to provide options on visuals and choices for your clients. It is wiser to provide only the good ones with 2 – 3 options would be good enough.

17. Make clear what your client wants
Make sure you understand and what your client wants. It is best to understand your client’s nature of business and proposed to them what suit them most. Of course, trying to get hint on what’s your client preferable color and design. You may ask you client to provide some samples which they think is good and you might get some hint on their preferable designs.

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